Keyboards, mice, and controllers are used to play games nowadays, and gamers prefer to use the keyboard and mouse to play games. Therefore, most professional gamers asked a question that why is keyboard and mouse better than controller. If you are confused about which one is better for gaming, it is significant to first learn about the pros of both devices.

Moreover, Keyboard and mouse may not be ideal for other gamers and maybe controller are best for you. So, here we come up with a detailed guide and comparison between keyboard & mouse and controller. After knowing all the detail mentioned below, you can easily choose as per your gaming style and needs.

Why Use Keyboard and Mouse?

Why is Keyboard and Mouse Better Than Controller

Most people want to use keyboard and mouse because it provides you with precision when playing games. When we talk about the mouse, the great thing about it is that you get better accuracy and full control. Mouse plays a significant role in headshot games because inside these types of games, every second matters. On the other hand, it plays a beneficial role during competitive games and provides you with a competitive advantage when it comes to the keyboard.

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Another important and beneficial feature of the keyboard is setting up the keys for playing games as per your needs. Also, you can set up the hotkeys as well as macros for fast and accurate action to play games instead of using standard buttons. In the gaming industry, the keyboard and mouse provide quicker and more efficient movements.

The only disadvantage of the keyboard and mouse is that you can’t use the macros when using it during the official tournament. The keyboard comes with hotkeys, and the mouse has macros, so as we mentioned above, you can’t use it during the official tournament, so it may be a problem for you in the future.

Why Use Controller?

In the gaming industry, most professional gamers also preferred to use the controller to play games. One of the significant and most essential features that will allow you to use a controller is that it is portable for you, especially if you use the wireless controller. Moreover, if you are going to the gaming tournament competition on the bed, friend house, or anywhere in the house, you can carry the controller anywhere.

As you know, we are comparing keyboard and mouse vs controller, so the controller also has many features. When we compare the controller with the keyboard and mouse, the controller is more comfortable, and it will increase your productivity. The buttons that you get on the top of it especially designed to play video games.

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When you buy a controller to play games, so these are ergonomically designed that perfectly fit your hands. Inside the keyboard, sometimes it often happens to accidentally press the escape key that will cause distraction during playing games. Therefore, inside the controller, you will never accidentally press the hit key and continuously stay inside the game.

Which One is Best – Our Recommendation

After knowing all the detail mentioned above, we hope you can decide why is keyboard and mouse better than controller. Conversely, if you are still confused, you don’t need to worry more because you get to see the comparison of keyboard & mouse with controller based on games.

There are lots of games available online and offline that you can play and enjoy. First of all, when it comes to the controller, it is ideal and suitable for fighting, racing, sports, and arcade-style games. Inside these types of games, you need control, so the controller provides better control while playing.

Secondly, when we talk about the keyboard and mouse, so these are suitable for shooting games. The main reason for choosing the keyboard and mouse for playing games is that it provides full accuracy. Therefore, if you are more into these types of games like shooting, the keyboard and mouse provide pinpoint accuracy and perform well.

Difference Between Controller and Keyboard & Mouse

When we compare the keyboard & mouse with the controller, the big point of comparison is the analogue buttons and joysticks. In addition, when you are playing games like rocket league, you can use the controller and press your controller trigger harder that will make your performance faster.

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On the other hand, you get to see the hotkeys and macros on the keyboard and mouse, allowing you to get binary control input. Moreover, during playing games using a keyboard and mouse, you get pinpoint accuracy inside the shooting games.

Advantages of Controller and Keyboard & Mouse

Why is Keyboard and Mouse Better Than Controller

Above you get the detailed guide about the keyboard & mouse and controller and we hope that now you can choose it as per your preferences. In addition, it is also imperative to know the benefits of the controller and keyboard & mouse mentioned below.

Advantages of Controller

• Controllers are Portable
• Comfortable for Gaming
• Provides Classic Feeling
• Analog Buttons and Joysticks Offers More Precision
• Ideal for Arcade-Style Games

Advantages of Keyboard & Mouse

• Keyboard and Mouse is Very Precise
• Comes with Customizable Hotkeys
• Ideal for Games Like Shooting


Hope that you are well aware of why is keyboard and mouse better than controller after following all the detailed guide mentioned above. Buying a keyboard & mouse or controller all based on your choice, preferences, and types of games. In the end, we hope that this guide is helpful for you and now all your concern about choosing the keyboard & mouse or controller will go.