What mouse does Ninja use? That is the question that many gamers ask themselves when they are deciding what to buy. If you want a gaming mouse, knowing which one is the best for your needs is essential. This blog post will discuss which gaming mouse Ninja uses and why he likes it so much!

First of all, Ninja uses the Razer DeathAdder Chroma. He used to use another mouse called the FinalMouse; however, he prefers this one for several reasons. The first reason Ninja likes it is its flawless sensor technology and excellent lift-off distance accuracy. Many people complain about gaming mice having low DPI – well, this one has five settings, so you can change your DPI whenever needed! This makes it easier for anyone who needs a high sensitivity while playing games like PUBG or Fortnite.

Another reason why Ninja loves his new mouse is that it’s lightweight yet durable at the same time. You see…Ninja plays hours upon hours every day. Ninja has to practice all day for his tournament matches, so he needs something that’s built to last! The Razer DeathAdder Chroma is just what Ninja needed because it can take lots of abuse and still work perfectly. It feels comfortable in your hand too, which might be the most important thing about a gaming mouse…isn’t it?

What Mouse Does Ninja Use

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Ninja’s gaming mouse specs:

– Razer DeathAdder Chroma – Optical sensor technology – 400 / 800 / 1600/ 3500dpi optical mouse sensitivity settings with a maximum acceleration of 50G and a 1000Hz polling rate.

– Razer Chroma lighting with 16.777 million customizable color options – Ergonomic right-handed design with textured rubber side grips – Razer Synapse enabled.

What makes Ninja’s Gaming Mouse Setup unique?

It is compact and features a personalized design. It has all of your favorite gaming weapon options, such as an optical mouse with on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment (up to 6000 DPI), robust Omron switches for quick keystrokes, and dedicated keys for macros. You can find it at the best price online. But if you want something less flashy but more professional-looking, we have some excellent advice for setting up your workstation.

Does Ninja recommend any add-ons?

Add-ons are not necessary – but they sure do make your gaming experience more fun! Some people like to use headsets, while others prefer high-quality speakers that give them an edge in battle. We think that having a comfortable mouse pad makes all the difference when trying to master games!

Ninja’s Fortnite Gaming Setup, Settings & Gear

So, with that intro out of the way, let’s discuss Ninja’s Gaming setup. First up is his monitor and mouse settings for Fortnite. He plays on a 24-inch 144Hz 1080p Acer Predator display which he uses at 1280×720 (which saves him some CPU overhead). He also uses a Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse, the mouse he used to win last year’s Enleague competition.

He has tweaked his settings for maximum control and awareness, with both sensitivity sliders maxed out at 11 (400 DPI) so that you can turn very quickly but still have superb accuracy when aiming down sights. He moves his aim mode from “Raw Input” to “Windows Standard,” so no additional smoothing or acceleration algorithms are coming into play.

He then changes his scope-sensitivity setting from the default of 50% to 100%. This means that when using a sniper rifle, pulling your aim downwards will take much less effort than usual on other mice, allowing him more fine-grain control over long-distance shots.

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How Does Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Compare to Other Gaming Mice?

The G Pro Wireless is an ambidextrous mouse suitable for both left and right-handed users. Most other gaming mice are designed primarily with a particular hand in mind – the Razer DeathAdder Chroma, which we mentioned earlier as one of Ninja’s favorite gaming mice at $69.99 on Amazon, comes only in a right-handed design.

Another significant difference between this mouse and conventional ones is that there aren’t any wires attached to it! Instead, you get excellent wireless performance through either Bluetooth or Logitech Gaming Software (which works with Windows PCs). The battery life lasts up to 12 hours per charge (up to 24 hours if you turn off lighting) but can be easily recharged using the included USB cable.

Ninja’s Gaming Peripherals – What Does Ninja Use to Stream?

In addition, he uses an Elgato HD60 S Game Capture Card, which allows him to stream his gameplay at up to 1080p with a 60fps framerate. It also comes in handy for recording footage and taking screenshots of your games.

He then has a Corsair VOID Wireless RGB gaming headset to communicate with teammates while playing online multiplayer games such as Fortnite. The mic quality is excellent too! He doesn’t have any speakers because when you’re concentrating on the sounds of gunfire or footsteps, it helps if all you hear are from inside your headphones (otherwise, there’s always room for background noise). But maybe if you’re just playing single-player games, it might be nice to have some speakers on your desk!

What Gear Does Ninja Carry?

Ninja’s Everyday carry is pretty simple. He carries a bottle of water with him everywhere he goes to stay hydrated all day long while doing promotion work for his sponsors. His backpack also has an extra-large compartment which includes storage pouches for pens and business cards. This way, when Ninja meets up with people, they always know exactly where to look if they need something!

He uses the Incase Icon Backpack and Evolves Skateboards (a brand started by pro skateboarder Ben Nordberg) shoes. The board measures 34 inches long, while the wheels are made from premium urethane with a high-rebound formula for maximum speed.


Ninja’s favorite gaming mouse is the Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse. It has many great features that allow him to aim more accurately at high speeds with little effort! He also uses other gear, such as an Elgato HD60 S Game Capture Card and Corsair VOID Wireless RGB headset so he can stream his gameplay online for his fans. His everyday carry includes items like bottles of water, pens/cards in backpack pockets, Evolve Skateboards shoes, Incase Icon Backpack which are all essential items for successful promotion work.