Compared to the desktop and PCs, you may think that turning an old laptop into a gaming laptop is hard due to the limited size of the laptop. However, even if your laptop has a limited size, it doesn’t mean that you can’t change an old laptop into a gaming laptop. So, if you are thinking about how to turn an old laptop into a gaming laptop, you don’t need to worry more because you have come to the right place.

You can easily change an old laptop into a gaming laptop by upgrading the hardware and software. Here we come up with the five things you can use to turn the standard laptop into a gaming laptop.

5 Things to Turn an Old Laptop into a Gaming Laptop?

Turning an old laptop into a gaming laptop is not complicated if you follow all the steps mentioned below.

Before knowing the five steps or things, you need to evaluate the current hardware of your old laptop. When you find the existing hardware of your old PC so you can quickly conclude which laptop’s parts need an improvement or upgradation.

You can also take a picture of the laptop’s parts that you need to change or note it down with you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to turning an old laptop into a gaming laptop as you can probably only buy a RAM, storage, graphics card, etc.

1. Upgrading of the Laptop’s RAM

How to Turn an Old Laptop into a Gaming Laptop

Turning an old laptop into a gaming laptop, the first thing you need to change is the laptop’s RAM, as it plays a significant role while playing games. Once your game starts inside your laptop, RAM starts to function to load data faster than the hard drive. The RAM is working as a temporary hard drive to store data, and it is specially designed for fast gaming performance.

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The 8GB average and 16GB maximum RAM are enough to play a game inside the laptop. On the other hand, if you already have RAM with the recommended size, you don’t need to upgrade it because extra RAM is useless. If you want to play old games, then 4GB RAM is enough, but if you are thinking about playing advanced games, then 8-16GB RAM is recommended.

As we also mentioned above, laptops have limited size, so all you have to do is buy an 8-16GB RAM with full size, not in partitions. In addition, if your laptop motherboard has 2 RAM slots, you can adjust it in the form of partitions.

It is not only buying a RAM with maximum size, but you can also need to consider the DDR titles and the clock speed of the RAM. DDR4 RAM is the standard type that you can use inside the laptop, but you need to confirm that your laptop support DDR4 or not. Also, when you buy DDR4 RAM, you need to consider clock speed, which is 2133MHz or 2400MHz.

2. Install SSD (Solid State Drive)


It is a high chance that you can use the HDD hard drive inside your old laptop, so now you need to change it into the SSD drive. If you need fast and precise gaming performance, it is imperative to change HDD into SSD, and also it is very beneficial for gaming.

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When you are using the SSD, your game will boot less than a half time compared to the HDD. How to turn an old laptop into a gaming laptop? So, you need to buy the best SSD as a primary hard drive and HDD for storing data with the combo of “1TB HDD and 128GB or 256GB SSD”.

If your laptop has two drive bays to use both the SSD and HDD, if it has only one bay, we recommend you buy an SSD for fast gaming performance. Once you install SSD inside your old laptop so you can feel significant performance change inside the laptop.

3. Buy a Graphics Card

It is probably not to use the graphic card inside an old laptop, but graphics card plays an essential role for high-end games. It often happens that you can use the graphics card inside your desktop PC in the past, so you are well aware of the importance of the graphic card.

Here the question arrived how to use a graphic card inside an old laptop to turn it into a gaming laptop. But conversely, the great thing that you can do is buy a graphic card that you can use as an external layout.

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You can connect it with your old laptop, and you get significant change inside the gaming performance. Also, you get excellent benefits by using the external graphic card unit in that you can also connect the additional monitor with your laptop.

Now you are done with all the things, and you can turn your old laptop into a gaming laptop, but you need to consider some other things mentioned below.

4. Upgrade Operating System Into Windows 10

You are probably using an old operating system inside your old laptop, so you need to upgrade it. To get excellent gaming performance, you can install the latest windows 10 that will turn your old laptop into a gaming laptop.

Here are lots of reasons behind installing the latest Windows 10, but the significant reason is that it will efficiently run all the old and modern games. Most gamers use windows 8 but we recommend installing Windows 10 because it will provide you better performance than Windows 8.

Before installing windows 10 you need to upgrade the old laptop hardware that supports Windows 10.

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5. Install Direct X

Direct X is essential to turn an old laptop into a gaming laptop as it is the best software for gaming. Therefore, the great thing about windows 10 is that when you install it, you get the latest version of direct x, which is direct x 12.

As a gamer, the question that comes to your mind is why direct x is important for gaming? The biggest reason for installing the direct X is that it will improve gaming performance by obtaining Central Processing Unit and Graphics Processing Unit chips.


Hope that now you are well aware of turning an old laptop into a gaming laptop by keeping in mind all things mentioned above. We especially recommend focusing on changing the RAM and operating system for faster and excellent performance. Never compromise on the performance when you are using the SSD hard drive to turn your normal gaming experience to the next level.