Sometimes, when you play games on your laptop, your laptop gets overheat due to the heavy games and load. When your laptop is overheating while gaming, it will cause lagging, and you can’t enjoy playing games. Also, overheating decreases the overall lifespan of the laptop so it is very important to know that how to keep laptop from overheating while gaming?

If you are playing games and your laptop overheating, it is very dangerous for different laptop components like RAM, hard drive, processor, etc. It happens due to many reasons like blockage of air circulation, fans and GPU won’t work correctly and due to background apps.

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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Laptop from Overheating While Gaming

Keeping in mind your needs as a gamer, we come up with the top 5 ways that will help you to keep your laptop from overheating while gaming.

Proper Placement of Laptop

how to keep laptop from overheating while gaming

Proper placement of a laptop is essential if you want to keep your laptop from overheating while playing games. Therefore, you always need to place the laptop on a flat surface, especially when playing heavy games. The benefits of placing the laptop on a flat surface are that it will not block the laptop’s air circulation grills, so your laptop stays cool. In addition, on the flat surface, you get to see that your laptop is elevated enough for fans to provide better cooling.

On the other hand, if you place the laptop on a soft surface such as a bed and pillow, the soft surface blocks all the laptop’s air circulation grills. So, the soft surface for a gaming laptop is not best as it will reduce the laptop’s speed, and the laptop’s processor may be damaged. In the end, after placing the laptop on a flat surface like a table and books, etc. so you can easily protect your laptop from overheating.

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Use Cooling Pad While Gaming


When you are playing games and want to keep your laptop cool, using a cooling pad is a very simple, excellent, and cheap choice. Inside the cooling pad, you get to see the fan, and you can place it underneath the laptop to prevent the laptop from overheating. The work of the cooling pad is that it will produce air on the bottom of the laptop, so your laptop stays cool, and you can enjoy it while playing games without any lagging.

It is available for you under your budget, and you can easily buy it and instantly use it with your laptop. Moreover, it is not complicated to use it as all you have to do is put the USB cable inside the laptop and place the laptop on top of it. Moreover, it is available for you in a reliable size, so you can easily carry it anywhere along with a gaming laptop.

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Reapply Thermal Paste

Reapply Thermal Paste

It often happens that when you buy a brand-new laptop so you can play games with fast performance because it comes with the fresh thermal paste. When we talk about the thermal paste, you get to see it on the top of the processor and graphic cards. The work of the thermal paste is that it will keep the heat from the processor and disappear it through the heatsink of the laptop and provide fast performance.

Conversely, when you play heavy games, this thermal paste will disappear after sometimes, so that’s why your laptop gets overheat. Therefore, you need to reapply the excellent thermal paste to keep your laptop from overheating during heavy loads and gaming. Applying the thermal paste on the bottom of the processor and graphics cars is a little bit delicate processor, so you might check out the video on YouTube about applying thermal paste.

Clean Laptop Internally from Dust and Dirt


When you are using a laptop for a long time, the dust and dirt particles are built inside the grills of the laptop that will not emit the heat from the laptop properly. Some dust particles are built inside the laptop cooling fan, so your laptop will overheat when playing games. It will cause your laptop fan to push out the heat from the laptop hardly, so your laptop gets overheat.

Therefore, you need to clean the laptop internally from the dust particles to get excellent and fast performance while gaming. To clean the laptop’s fans, you can buy a compressor that plays a significant role in blowing out all the dust particles from the laptop’s grill. Moreover, if you need more help, you can also check out some videos from the laptop to further clean the laptop’s different components.

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Check Software and Hardware Issues

If you follow all the steps mentioned above and still get your laptop overheat while gaming, it probably happened due to the software and hardware issue. First of all, when it comes to the software issue when you are playing games and background apps are running out, so your laptop gets overheat. Therefore, all you have to do is simply clear all the background apps that your software issue will resolve.

On the other hand, when we talk about the hardware issue, your laptops get overheat due to the low-quality GPU and CPU. You need to replace the low-quality components of your gaming laptop, and your laptop overheating issue will go. In the end, you need to consider the best hardware that is suitable for your laptop and protect it from gets overheat while gaming.


Now we hope that you are well aware of how to keep laptop from overheating while gaming by following all the steps mentioned above. These steps are very effective for gamers who play heavy games and don’t want any distraction and lagging. Furthermore, we personally recommend placing the laptop on the flat screen as it is the most significant cause of laptop overheating.