We all know what it’s like to play a game with mouse acceleration on. It is challenging to aim precisely, and the sensitivity of your cursor changes depending on how fast you move your mouse. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to disable this feature. I’ll tell you how? Let’s get started.

Mouse acceleration is a setting that controls the sensitivity of your mouse to move. For some people, it can be helpful because they have trouble holding their arms steady. However, it just makes your cursor move too fast for most people, and you don’t have as much control over it. Changing this setting is easy to process.

When you are playing a game, the movement of your mouse is dependent on how quickly you move it. You can’t just use one hand to control the cursor – one hand for moving and one for looking around – so gamers need some way to keep their cursor from accelerating too fast when trying to make precise movements.

This blog post will teach you to disable mouse acceleration by opening this feature in the still available Mouse Properties window and navigating to the Pointer Options tab. It’s quick and easy!

If you’re looking for more information about mouse acceleration, then keep reading; we are here to guide you!

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What Is Mouse Acceleration?

Mouse acceleration is a system that helps you to use your mouse more efficiently. It works by moving the cursor just as far when you move quickly, so if you want an efficient way of navigating across large screens or scrolling down pages in shorter amounts of time, this feature can be helpful for someone who uses their hands often.

Mouse acceleration is a common term that refers to how fast you move your mouse while playing games. You should be aware of this and make sure the software doesn’t have it enabled if possible because some professionals don’t like having their cursor change based on how quickly they’re scrolling through documents or web pages with one finger.

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How Turning Off Mouse Acceleration Helps Gamers?

Some people might like mouse acceleration and turn it on in their settings, but this will not affect the aim for most gamers. Some individuals love gaming with acceleration enabled because they find that setting more exciting or satisfying than playing without added additional features.

When it comes to gaming, aiming is about muscle memory. The guys who can score headshots after a game are practicing and honing their skills for dozens of hours by playing the game over and again until they have perfect accuracy with every shot possible without overthinking about what’s happening on screen or where that enemy player might be standing at any given moment during gameplay. Yes, players often try shooting someone else just because he’s being targeted, but most gamers have already finished this action before even really realizing consciously.

The brain has become so good at aiming that you don’t even have to think about it. After hundreds of hours of practice, your system just knows how far away from the mouse pad or where on-screen an object will be found and moves accordingly without any conscious effort required – like riding a bike.

Disabling mouse acceleration will allow you to control your cursor more efficiently, improving gaming aim. The on-screen movement of the pointy thing that moves when we click with our mouse can be unpredictable and annoying in games like Counter-Strike or Minecraft, where aiming is essential for success!

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Need Of Turning ON Mouse Acceleration:

For people who are limited in space, mouse acceleration can be beneficial. For example, suppose you have a small desk or not enough room to move your mouse around on the table because of its size.

In that case, having this feature enabled could give an advantage by allowing users more distance covered with just faster movement across their screens without changing location for individual clicks. At the same time, it may take some getting used to. First, anyone would enjoy using such technology once they begin overcoming any discomfort caused by moving through digital content.

Process To Turn OFF Mouse Acceleration:

1. Open The Control Panel In Setting

How To Disable Mouse Acceleration

You need to open the classic Control Panel to adjust your mouse settings quickly. This may be similar for those who’ve used older systems such as Windows 7 or even Vista, but this feature is still available there is still availability of this feature with ten too! To do so, first press the Window + R keys simultaneously, then type “control” and hit the OK button immediately after the window opens up on your screen, asking if you want it to launch the “RUN control panel.”

2. Click On Navigate Mouse Setting

Navigate Mouse Setting

When you want to customize how your mouse works, the Control Panel is where all of those options are. For us to stay in line with our guide and because we’re just getting started, let’s navigate up through that window until we find ourselves on a page with more menus under “Devices and Printers.” Find an entry called “Mouse” — if not already selected –and click on it from there! Now open another new tab or window by clicking its title bar button at the top right corner.

3. Click On Disable Mouse Acceleration

Disable Mouse Acceleration

If you are on the “Buttons’ ‘ tab, click on pointer options from the menu located in the header section. You will see a setting titled “Motion.” At first glance, it may seem like just one option for sensitivity but notice that there’s also an acceleration value under sliders which can be adjusted up or down depending if needed with your computer setup. The speed at which your mouse moves should feel more natural now.

To turn off acceleration, simply ensure that “Enhance pointer precision” isn’t checked. If there’s a checkmark visible next to this option, remove it by clicking inside the box or selecting Apply from anywhere along with any options you want to be applied globally. You will notice an immediate difference in how quickly things happen on screen when made easier because we’re not having any part of computer technology trying to cheat us out of our game time.


Turning off mouse acceleration will help you control the speed of your cursor on-screen. If you are a gamer, turning off mouse acceleration can improve gameplay because it reduces aim inaccuracy when the player is not using an external mouse or gaming surface. For most people, this process takes only seconds to complete and requires nothing more than clicking two buttons in Windows 10’s Settings app. 

The benefit of disabling mouse acceleration outweighs any drawbacks that might arise from doing so for gamers or others who rely heavily on their computer’s hardware for work tasks like photo editing. Give it a try.