A mouse has become a handy device for a computer user. It has become an indispensable tool when using a computer, and many computer users cannot do without it. Users also have their preferences with regards to their choice of a mouse.

Some prefer their mouse directly connected to the computer via a cord; others want the wireless version. Lately, the best wireless mouse in the market has gained momentum in terms of popularity because of the ease and convenience that it gives the user.

With this increased demand for the wireless mouse, many manufacturers have begun using various technologies and developing new designs to come up with the best wireless mouse in the market.

Why use a wireless mouse

Unlike a cabled mouse that is connected to a computer with a cord, a wireless mouse is more practical, more flexible and more comfortable to use. Since the device is, as the name suggests, wireless, there are no irritating cords to distract your attention while working on your computer. It also allows you to freely move around within a given distance, which is not possible with a cabled mouse.

Aside from the fact that wireless mice give computer users cordless accessibility to the computer, new technology has ensured that wireless mice are reliable, fast and efficient. And manufacturers have not only focused on the capability and performance of the mice.

The wireless mice now come in a myriad of shapes, colours and designs. You have mice that have Walt Disney characters design, animal designs, kiddie designs or what have you. With so many choices, choosing the best wireless mouse can become quite tricky.

Kinds of mice

At present, there are three types of mice – mechanical, optical, and laser.

Mechanical Mouse:

A mechanical mouse uses a small rubber ball to estimate distance and position. But because this kind of mouse gets dirty quickly and is slow in processing information, they are rarely manufactured nowadays.

Optical Mouse:

A more popular mouse in the market today is one that uses the optical sensor technology. The optical mouse has become the choice of most computer users rather than the earlier track-ball system because it is more efficient and reliable.

And because it uses an optical sensor, information is processed faster, thus improving accuracy. The optical mouse can also be used on almost any kind of surface. This is a most welcome feature as it allows the computer user more leeway as to where to put his computer.

Laser Mouse:

The laser mouse is the latest in the mice technology. Instead of optical light, laser light is used for a precise calculation of movement and position. This mouse is exceptionally reliable and processes information with high efficiency and speed. Thus, it is the ideal mouse for gamers.

Expectedly, many have started using the laser mouse because of its high performance. Compared to the other kinds of mice, however, the laser mice cost much more.

Wireless Mice:

Wireless mice are also classified into those that are used for a personal computer, and mice that are designed for a laptop computer. Laptop mice are usually smaller to make it more convenient for the user to bring along anywhere. For a personal computer, it is much better to get a giant mouse as it is easier to use.

In terms of technology used, many wireless mice use Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth allows the mouse to wirelessly connect to the computer and other computer peripherals like printers, headsets and keyboards. A Bluetooth receiver can accommodate several peripherals within a range of about 10 meters at the same time.

Another common type of wireless mice makes use of radiofrequency or RF. This operates at 27 MHz and with a range of about two meters. But newer models use a 2.4 MHz and have a more extended range of about 10 meters.

The only drawback is that the RF receiver can pick up a transmission from other devices. Thus your mouse must be paired to your computer. Some models that are designed for laptops or notebooks have a compact receiver which can be stored inside the mouse.

Wireless Keyboards:

For those using a wireless keyboard, it is advisable to buy the wireless RF mouse and the keyboard together for a more efficient pairing and transmission.

Choose best wireless mouse:

Admittedly, choosing the best wireless mice can be very subjective. It depends on the user, how the mouse feels in his hand, his design preference, and its use. A gamer would prefer one that is a too high speed, while an ordinary user would prefer a mouse that, although not as fast, but costs less.

It would help if you considered the following in choosing the best wireless mice:

  • Connection capability
  • Tracking quality
  • Power management
  • Wireless receiver
  • Scrolling performance

Reading reviews about the different kinds of mice available in the market today will help you decide which mouse to choose. As there are so many choices available, you need the help of experts and actual users to find out the mouse that suits your needs.

A review of wireless mice will give you inputs on the performance, reliability and possible defects, if any, of a specific brand and model. There may be conflicting reviews on a specific mouse, but in the end, you will be able to determine if a mouse is worth buying or not. Choosing the best wireless mouse may be tricky, but a little effort will surely be worth it.

Frequently Ask Question

How do I choose a good wireless mouse?

Bluetooth Is Best for Wireless Mice

Your preference is between radio frequency (RF) or Bluetooth versions when purchasing a wireless mouse. RF mice can be slightly more sensitive and can be set up much easier—just plug in the dongle that comes with it.

Is wireless mouse better than wired?

A wired mouse is, essentially, a little bit quicker and more sensitive. For daily computer users, it is a cheaper, more practical alternative. A wireless mouse, on the other hand, is a little flashier and has full freedom to travel at will around your desk.

Which is better Bluetooth or wireless mouse?

The basic difference between the two is that a USB dongle is necessary for RF mice to connect, whereas a Bluetooth mouse uses a transmitter that communicates and interacts with your computer’s Bluetooth receiver. If limitless convenience is your target, a Bluetooth mouse is the perfect option.

Are wireless mice slower than wired?

As these devices wirelessly transmit information, wireless devices are by comparison, slower than wired devices. For gamers, this lag is extremely significant. A gamer can choose a wired gaming mouse over a cordless mouse because there are not as many delays for wired devices as for wireless ones.

How long does a wireless mouse last?

Logitech’s wireless mouse battery usually lasts up to 6 months. On average, if you don’t use your mouse for more than 4-5 hours, you can claim it would last 3 months for other local businesses.